2023-03-18 - Very Tech Trip 2023

Minutes gathered from attending and speaking at Very Tech Trip, a tech conference at Paris, France, on February the 2nd of 2023. The talks I've attended were given in French, so some resources will be in French.

Data, AI... what if they were the solution to understand sign language? - Eléa Petton & Claire Gallot

In this talk, Eléa and Claire show how to use AI to recognize letters from the American Sign Language.

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Developing a website in public: some feedback - Myself 👋

I have talked about a side project and an epic battle against bots.

Security incidents: what about the human? - Sébastien Mériot

Sébastien discusses about the humans dealing with security incidents.

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From the first line of code to success: feedback about an open source project - Flavien Normand

Flavien leads an open source webapp which helps FFXIV players to collect and build resources.

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From social work to the tech industry: advocacy of atypical profiles - Magali Milbergue

Magali talks about the profiles we don't think about when thinking about the tech industry

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