2023-03-18 - Touraine Tech 2023

Minutes gathered from attending and speaking at Touraine Tech, a tech conference at Tours, France, on January the 19th and 20th of 2023. The talks I've attended were given in French, so some resources will be in French. The recordings of the talks are here.

Your dev team in the post-COVID era - Eric Aboudaram & Marc Dugue

I went to this talk to get some new ideas for our async model, but they were a lot less advanced than us.

Some notes:

Women in tech: communication, or the failure of a whole area - Amélie Abdallah

This talk was one of my favorites. Amélie knows how to be vocal, she is a figure of the women in tech movement.

Some notes:

Don't discard your computer, repair your future - Olivier Deiber

This talk is about his fight to get computers from companies and distributing them to people who are in need.

Some notes:

Retrained: this new wave of tech profiles - Helvira G.

This talk is one of the two winning talks at the Tremplin des Speakers I've been part of.

Some notes:

Conway's law: when your product conception does not fit your organization - Julien Topçu

This talk is really interesting to understand the link between a good product and a good company organization.

Some notes:

Corn Hole 2 Turbo: my first steps in embedded programming - Paul Roye

Paul explains to us how he built a corn hole board that displays the number of points of each team.

Some notes:

Welcome to depression land - Iris V. Naudin & Cécile Freyd-Foucault

Iris and Cécile talk about an important topic: the exclusion by the tech

Some notes:

Progressive decommissioning of legacy code - Adrien Joly

Adrien uses the project OpenWhyd he maintains and which has a not-so-good code quality (that's an euphemism).

Some notes:

Integers, floats or exotic representations: let's talk about elegance - Olivier Poncet & Fabien Trégan

This talk was about the representation of numbers and data structures in a computer. It was a bit math focused.

Some notes:

Developing a website in public: some feedback - Myself 👋

I have talked about a side project and an epic battle against bots.

Listening to your users, from 1 to 1 billion - Christopher Maneu

In this talk, Christopher talks about how to listen to your users.

Some notes

Remotion: the 7th art with web components - Mickael Alves & Antoine Caron

This talk is about generating videos and animations using code with Remotion. It was only a big demo talk so I don't have any notes. But it was super cool to watch 😎