2021-10-22 - DevFest Nantes 2021 - Day 2

This post is in two parts:

In this post, I'll write the notes I took during the conferences I attended to. Have a nice read :)


Much croissant, such gâteaux.

Coupable de code legacy en JS: Comment s'en sortir? (Culprit of legacy code in JS: How to get through it?) - Adrien Joly

Some definitions to begin with:

Here's the steps he got through during the presentation:

And the pieces of advice he gave us:

Hasura: le GraphQL qui hassure (Hasura: GraphQL which kicks hass) - Hugo Wood & Valentin Cocaud

The talk began with a small feature tour of GraphQL:

Then the speakers focused on Hasura. So what is it?

All the CRUD methods are present, nothing to see here.

How to implement domain code:

How to implement authentification (Hasura uses JWT internally):

Versionning: Hasura uses config files which can be versionned. Also, the changes you make in the Hasura interface are logged in files so they can be versionned too.

Integration with existing IT:


Notre recette de l'equipe parfaite (Our recipe for a perfect team) - Estelle Landry & Yvonnick Frin

The speakers made a lot of analogies with cooking. It was a bit weird but hey, they looked like having a lot of fun :) Estelle and Yvonnick work at Pix, they wanted to share their values: quality, agility, user-centricity, team spirit. The talk was about how they handled their work at Pix.

The first part of the work is the discovery:

The second part is development:

The third part is deployment:


The deserts were awesome!

The blind test - Florent Lévêque & Hervé Boisgontier

Florent is a blind person and a web development student. Hervé and him talked about the need to make the web accessible and showcased how screen readers were used and what to do to improve the experience for disabled people.

Two devices to "see" what's on screen:

How to help people browsing the web:

La dette UI: en finir avec les interfaces jetables et concevoir une UI durable, adaptable et structurée (UI debt: get out of the throw away interfaces and design a lasting, adjustable and structured UI) - Loïc Vanderschooten

Example of design debt symptoms:

2 components to the UI debt:

The UI, UX, and technical debts all go together.

What is often seen:

The smells:


How to begin:

Errors to avoid:

J'ai presque fini ! (I'm almost done!) - David Laizé

How to work with a colleague who always says "I'm almost done" when obviously he did says that for two weeks.

Two cognitive bias:

It is really hard to notice these bias on ourselves but it is easy to find them in other people. The solution is benevolent communication.

Trucs et astuces pour réussir son burn-out (Tips and tricks for a successful burn-out) - Cynthia Staebler & Julia Lehoux

What are the causes of burn-out:

490 000 burn-outs / year in France.

What to do:

More things to do:

That's the recipe for a perfect burn-out I'll sure you love <3

Ending keynote

Fours speakers were on the scene. They were asked questions. The three loosers got great books about CakePHP, Flash and Access :'D The winner got a CommitStrip book.